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We want to see students at Auburn experiencing REAL HOPE. We currently do not have any work on that campus or near that campus. Budget from which to pull planting resources really helps get things going at a new school. Consider helping us get that started by giving to the campus account.   Learn More →

SHift Gathering

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Many students place their hope int he wrong story. Their perceptions of Jesus leave them with flawed expectations and disappointment. Help us make space for students SHIFT their perceptions of Jesus by encountering the greater story that we're living in. Sponsor our Fall Conference. To be held Oct. 5-6, 2018


New Staff Grants

When we appoint a Campus Minister we want to help them establish a strong foundation of support. New Staff Grants help us do that by providing funds for things like matching gifts, stipends during fundraising and more.   More information coming soon →


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Students are at the center of our strategy to empower work on campuses across the state. We offer incredible training opportunities to as many students as possible. Help us equip more students by giving to our scholarship account.  More information coming soon →