Sponsor a Campaign

If you’re looking for a really specific way to make an impact with InterVarsity in Alabama, here are some featured campaigns that you, your company, your church or Sunday school class could “sponsor.”

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Or, if you have an idea of another way to help, click here to email Clayton!


plant the work

We have open doors at several schools—Auburn, Tuskegee, Samford, ASU, AUM and South Alabama, to name a few. There are faculty asking for staff to come, volunteers praying on campuses, students gathered and asking for training. But we need prayer and financial resources to put behind these planting efforts. Help us plant chapters of image-bearing communities across the state!

SHift Gathering

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Many students place their hope in the wrong story. Their perceptions of Jesus leave them with flawed expectations and disappointment. Help us make space for students SHIFT their perceptions of Jesus by encountering the greater story that we're living in. Sponsor our Fall Conference. SHIFT 2019 will be October 11-13 in Montgomery.


New Staff Grants

When we appoint a Campus Minister we want to help them establish a strong foundation of support. New Staff Grants help us do that by providing funds for things like matching gifts, stipends during fundraising and more.  


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Students are at the center of our strategy to empower work on campuses across the state. We offer incredible training opportunities to as many students as possible. From Urbana and other national IV conferences to area and regional trainings and retreats, InterVarsity has so much to offer. Help us equip more students by giving to our scholarship account.