Jesus loves college students in Alabama, and we believe God wants to restore his image in every student in this state. 

Though the Bible Belt is not often thought of as the great frontier of mission and ministry, students on college campuses in the Deep South are in need of Real Hope. Postmodernism and secularization are alive and well here, and they’ve meshed with cultural Christianity to produce an underlying reality of discontentment and disillusionment with the faith and the church. Students and faculty in Alabama need to hear the true story of God- the hope of coming restoration and the power of God’s Spirit to bring that future into the here and now.  

InterVarsity Alabama is looking for staff candidates who are self-starting and flexible, willing to try and fail, to learn and grow, and to cross cultures with patience and humility. Networking within the community in order to develop ministry partners—both financial and otherwise, will be a key component to this planting work. InterVarsity returned to Alabama in 2015 after about a 40 year absence, so alumni are few and far between. However, God has been and is providing for us as we faithfully follow him into relationships in this place. 

If you’re looking for meaningful, life-giving work that will keep you challenged and engaged, we would love to connect with you.