We want to pray on every campus in Alabama.


As a new Area team, we recognize the enormous task that has been set before us. We do not think for a second that we can do anything without Jesus, and we also admit that we can not do it all without the help of people like you. 

There are 300,000 college students in the state of Alabama at 51 Colleges & Universities.  

Believing that God has made each one of them in His image, and made them to live lives that matter, we long to empower them to live their lives within the REAL HOPE that we find in the story of God's faithful work in the world. The work to redeem all things, making a New Heaven and New Earth. 

25 of the 51 schools have no apparent witnessing community, and of those that do, 13 only have one.

This bothers us. And we want to follow Jesus in His work to see the Good News of God's Kingdom proclaimed on every campus in our state. 

So, our first step in the strategy is to pray. We want to encounter Jesus on each campus in the State.

There is something that happens when you interact with God in a space. It's like that place becomes a dwelling space for God. And when God and His glory shows up in a place, things must change. Certain things have to move, get out of the way, and yield to what is greater. 

Would you
help us pray?

If you are in Alabama we'd love to coordinate prayer on each campus by August 2019. If you are out of state, we would love for you download the map and pray for each campus remotely along with those who are praying on the ground. 

Please, join us in this act of dependence on God. 
This map lays out each school, whether it has witnessing communities, an InterVarsity chapter, or no witnessing communities.