We all live our lives within stories...

You know the moment. We've all had it. You're watching Netflix, the cliff-hanger comes, and while you know you should turn it off, you just have to watch one more. Or there is the moment when the song gets cut off just before the ending, and we almost instinctively finish the song in our heads. 

Humans are made for stories. 

We all live our lives within stories. We get them from our culture, our family, our personal perspective, or from Jesus. They dictate our actions, our expectations, our character, and our hope. 

The Bible is full of characters that see their lives within a great story, one in which the Creator redeems His creation and sets things right. That story finds it's climax and resolution in Jesus. 

When we find ourselves hopeless, without direction, disappointed or insecure, perhaps it's because we have placed our hope in the wrong story. 


Join us in Huntsville, Alabama, as we discover the Real Hope that is found in Jesus and the greater story that we're really living in: the story of a generous God, a Risen King, and an invitation into a life that matters. 

Details: Oct 5-6, Huntsville, Alabama
Cost: $40.00

Friday Night: 

-The Village Church
5:00-7:00: Reception / Dinner
7:00-9:30: Plenary Session
9:30: Depart for Hotel - SpringHill Suites By Marriott Huntsville-Downtown


-The Hotel
7:30-8:45: Breakfast
8:45-9:15: Check-Out & Depart to The Village Church
- The Village Church
9:30-10:30: Plenary
10:45-11:45: Small Group Time
12:00-1:15: Lunch
1:15-2:00: Group Time
2:00-5:00: Free Time/Chapter Time
5:00-6:00: Dinner
6:15-7:30: Plenary & Commissioning
7:45: Depart